New WordPress / WooCommerce plugin

Following the great success of our WordPress backup/restore/clone plugin, UpdraftPlus, we’ve begun to look at developing and selling more WordPress plugins. Our first is now ready (and in use at a couple of restaurants on the web already). It’s an… READ MORE

Webmail updated

We’ve updated our webmail software (Roundcube) to the latest release… bringing a new, modern theme, and a host of speed and usability improvements. We hope you like it! To use webmail, wherever you are in the world, just go to:… READ MORE

UpdraftPlus – have you seen the website lately?

We’ve just launched a new front page for UpdraftPlus – our leading WordPress backup solution. Have you got a WordPress backup solution yet? Don’t leave it until you need one – check UpdraftPlus out; tens of thousands of websites rely… READ MORE

Does your website accept Google Checkout payments?

If so, then you’ll need to read this; Google Checkout is closing later in 2013:

GMail user? Check your spam folder

Google Mail’s spam filters don’t seem to be working so well in recent weeks. If you’re a Simba customer and use GMail, then please check your spam folders, to make sure that you’re not missing any important notices, invoices, reminds,… READ MORE

FTP SSL certificate updated

The SSL (encryption and authentication) certificate for our main FTP server,, has been updated. The SSL protocol is used to make sure that your data is safe from prying eyes in transit (the “encryption” part) and really being sent… READ MORE

WordPress backup

Are you looking for a WordPress backup solution? Then try out UpdraftPlus, our own solution – now with 80,000 downloads! The basic backup engine is free, and can backup up to Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP and WebDAV…. READ MORE

UpdraftPlus – number one

Vladimir Prelovac, who’s a “big cheese” in the world of WordPress, maintains a weekly chart of the best new upcoming plugins… … and this week our very own “UpdraftPlus Backup” backup plugin is number one: Do you need any kind… READ MORE

New year, new website?

It’s not 2004 any more… does your website need a make-over? Here at Simba Hosting, we launched our own new website (you’re probably looking at it right now!) a few months ago. Do you want to talk to us about… READ MORE