All plugins updated with in-dashboard updates facility

We’re pleased to announce that all of our plugins have now been updated to integrate with WordPress’s built-in updates mechanism. That is to say, that:

a) Availability of updates will show in the WordPress dashboard, in the standard places (the “Updates” and “Plugins” pages).

b) These updates can now be directly installed and downloaded from your WordPress dashboard.

Edit (13 Mar 2015): A bug was identified in the first release of the updater that caused a blank screen on some sites; new versions of all plugins have been released and can be obtained from your account page at

So, after you’ve installed this update, it will no longer be necessary to manually download updates from your account page at – installing this update will be the last time! You will need to know your Simba Hosting login to be able to gain access to updates; if you’ve forgotten that, then please use the password reset form, here.

As part of this mass-release of new versions of all our plugins, we’ve also released the previously-mentioned version 1.8.0 of our EU VAT compliance plugin.

As is standard in the WordPress world (and has always been the case when updating manually), access to new versions of purchased plugins is for 12 months after your initial purchase. (You are welcome to renew after this period expires).

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