Details of upcoming upgrade of shared webserver platform, and action to be taken

As previously advised by email, soon, the IP address of our main shared web hosting platform will change, as part of a comprehensive upgrade which we have been working on for several weeks. This post now contains the information on what needs to be done, and when, and clarifies that email delivery may not be possible for *all* customers during the few moments of the transition, this Friday 2nd November. So, if you are affected, please read it carefully.

As mentioned, for most customers, nothing needs to be done. If you do need to change something and do not, then a) your website will keep working and b) we will detect the problem and be able to advise you. You will then need to take action within the next couple of weeks. So, don’t worry!

Those who do need to do something are those who have a website that is on our shared hosting platform (i.e. not a VPS), and for which the DNS record is managed somewhere else (e.g. you registered the domain elsewhere, and manage the DNS elsewhere too – i.e. did not register Simba’s DNS servers as the domain’s DNS servers). If you are not sure, you can use any WHOIS tool (such as to look up your domain (e.g. – do *not* include www. on the front). If the result shows that the name servers (a.k.a. DNS servers) belong to Simba Hosting (i.e. they include “” in their names) then you have nothing to do.

The change-over will be this Friday, November 2nd, around 10 a.m. You should check our blog, here – – and once the notice that we have changed over has been posted, you should then update your DNS records, as described below. As mentioned above, your website should work both before and afterwards. It will only stop working if you omit to take this step after some days; and we will be monitoring and seek to contact you before this happens. Note that during the moments of the transition itself, for a few minutes, you may not be able to send or receive email or manage your website. (No data should be lost; email will be queued for later delivery).

What needs to be done for affected domains is as previously advised: where you have a DNS “A” record that points to, this will need to be pointed to the new IP address (For completeness, we mention that if you have a DNS IPv6 “AAAA” record pointing to 2a02:af8:1:800::4652, it will need to be pointed to the new IPv6 address 2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:fe45:a184 – however, our audits have not found anyone using these).

Thank you again for your custom. Please do let us know in our support channgels if you have any questions.