DKIM signing of outgoing emails

The below may all be gobble-de-gook to you. Don’t worry! In short, it means we’re keeping on top of ever-evolving security standards for you, and you don’t need to think about it.

During this year we have been working on implementing DKIM signing for outgoing emails. DKIM (Wikipedia article) is a system allowing email recipients (and their systems) to receive cryptographic proof that the email they received is authorised by the owner of the domain name that the email is from. For example, if emails you, then it can demonstrate that this email is from a system authorised by the owner of to send email. This aims to reduce a weakness in the decades-old email protocol, which was designed long before the age of spam, phishing and such nasties.

Our system is now live. All email sent through our servers by domain owners who host their domain (i.e. their DNS) with us will benefit from DKIM signing. This can reduce the risk that a recipient’s system will mis-classify genuine email as spam (depending, entirely, on how the recipient’s system decides to perform its spam classifications).