How can I be more restrictive with possible spam?

We employ a range of anti-spam filters, and estimate that we prevent over 95% of spam from reaching your inbox. However, inevitably, some will reach it – spammers are working constantly to try to get their mails through. It is their professional expertise. Spam filters are always more annoying if they filter out real mail, rather than letting some spam through.

However, if you want to make Simba’s filters more restrictive, then you can set up a filter in your email program (you will need to search for instructions for your particular program for this). It should look at the header X-Spam-Bar . This header contains a spam score, and some symbols. For each point, there will be a plus sign (+). Simba will refuse to accept mail at fifteen points and above (and at lower than that, runs some extra checks before delivering it to your inbox). If you want to be more restrictive, you could delete (or put in a different folder) mails at fewer. To do this, you would add a filter that matches that number of consecutive pluses.

e.g. in your mail program, you could set up a filter rule like this:

Filter on header: X-Spam-Bar
Match: ++++++++++
Action: Move to folder “Probable spam”

If you are using a mail program on a device (rather than using webmail), then you can also look for whatever anti-spam solutions are available for your mail program. i.e. You can run your own anti-spam checks in addition to the ones that Simba’s servers are configured to run – ones that suit your needs rather than needing to be suitable across our whole range of customers. e.g. Perform a web search for “Outlook anti-spam tools”, etcetera.

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