How can I customise the plugin’s behaviour or particular messages?

Beyond the settings (which you can find in WooCommerce -> Settings -> General in your dashboard), the plugin has many hooks for WordPress developers to use, which allow editing both of the plugin’s behaviour and of any particular messages it shows the customer.

As well as discovering them through inspection of the code, developers can find them described under the “Developer’s Information” section on the product page, together with examples and a link to a tutorial. Go to that section to see how it’s done.

To customise WooCommerce email templates used by the plugin, copy the email template (from the subdirectory “wootemplates” within the plugin’s directory) into your child theme, using the WooCommerce documentation available here. For example, if editing the “email-addresses.php” template, this would be copied to wp-content/themes/(your child theme)/woocommerce/emails/email-addresses.php . Then you can edit it as you will.

Please note that your purchase of the plugin does not include the cost of providing customisations for you.

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