How can I have multiple countries treated as my base country?

In the VAT plugin settings, there are several settings which make your “base country” differ from other countries. The “base country” is set within your WooCommerce core settings.

Occasionally, a business wants another country to also be subject to the “base country” rules which the VAT compliance extension applies.

This can be done with a few lines of code placed in an mu-plugin, or in your functions.php. The filter to use is wc_eu_vat_get_base_countries. You should use the two-letter country codes used internally by WooCommerce.

add_filter('wc_eu_vat_get_base_countries', 'my_wc_eu_vat_get_base_countries');
function my_wc_eu_vat_get_base_countries($countries) {
// Add Germany to the existing array of countries;
$countries[] = 'DE';
return $countries;

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