How do I transfer my domain name to Simba?

If your domain name ends in .uk, then you need to ask your existing provider to transfer the domain name to Simba’s IPS tag, which we can advise you of by e-mail. They will know what this means, even if you do not!

Most larger providers will provide a way for you to do this through logging in at their website. It may be called “transfer domain name”, “transfer IPS tag”, “tag transfer”, or something of that kind.

For a .com, .org, .info and many other domain names, you will be asked to provide an “EPP code”, which your existing provider will need to advise you of. Again, this can often be found by logging in at their website. This code is the authorisation code needed for Simba to take over your domain.

In all cases, the changes above can take a day or two to become fully active, so you need to be aware of this if you are approaching your renewal date. If you find that the time is very short, e-mail us so that we can make your case a priority. Once the renewal date has passed, some transfers are not possible until you have paid a fee to your existing provider.

It is important to note that transferring a domain name does not make any difference to any actual services. It is a risk-free step. It merely passes control over to allow future changes and transfers to be made.

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