No time/date selector is appearing on the checkout. Why might that be?

Here are some things you should check…

  1. Is shipping turned on? If it is turned off for the store, then no selector will ever appear, because then there is no concept of delivery active. Check in WooCommerce -> Settings – if it is turned off, like in this screenshot, then turn it back on:Disabled shipping
  2. Do you have any physical goods in the shopping cart? If all your products are marked in WooCommerce as “virtual”, then you need to make sure that you have enabled the setting in WooCommerce -> Opening Hours -> Settings to include virtual goods (usually, virtual goods don’t require any particular time to be associated with them):Apply to virtual goods setting
    One user was automatically importing products into WooCommerce via a marketplace-integration-automation plugin. That plugin was marking all goods as virtual, which was not what they wanted (they were physical goods).
  3. Have you configured the plugin to always show a time/date selector? One option asks under what conditions a time/date should be asked for. If you were expecting to see one, but did not, then check that setting:Check-out choice settings
  4. Have you configured the plugin to only notice goods in particular shipping classes? If you have ticked any boxes for particular classes, then others will be ignored. This might catch you out if you later create new shipping classes and forget to select them:Shipping class settings
  5. Is your theme, or some other component, hiding it? Sometimes themes contain bad layering code and hide the date/time picker behind something else; or sometimes other plugins have bugs and try to get involved when they shouldn’t. Test this by temporarily de-activating all other plugins, and switching to a default theme, and then reload the checkout page. If it is not there, then you should re-activate the other components in a “bisection” method, trying to narrow down eventually to which particular one is the culprit. e.g. Re-enable half of them and reload the checkout page; if it is still there, then those weren’t the faulty ones – the other half were. If it is gone, then one of the re-enabled ones is faulty. Choose half of those half, and go again…
  6. Perhaps it is really there? Sometimes we’ve had support requests from people who presumably had long days: it was there, but they overlooked it.

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