What are my settings for sending mail?

You can use webmail through any web browser, or if you have your own computer with you, you can use the following settings in your e-mail program:

SMTP Server: mail.simbahosting.co.uk
Username: (your e-mail address)
Password: (password – same as for webmail)
Connection options: TLS (may be called STARTTLS or STLS or encryption or secure connection)
Port: 587 (or 465 if using Outlook / Outlook Express / SSL)

It is not compulsory to use Simba’s servers to send e-mail; if you are at home, then your Internet Service Provider may also have given you settings which allow you to send through their servers. If those settings work, you do not need to change them unless you find your ISP’s mail delivery unreliable.

If you are not using a mailbox (i.e. you are just using forwarding), then you can obtain a password by using “Mail Manager” and setting up one using the facility there.

If using Microsoft Outlook, do NOT choose the “Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” option. As the connection is already encrypted, your password is already secure. SPA is not supported.

This will allow you to send e-mail from any location in the world, provided that you send it from the e-mail address used as your username (or using any e-mail address from your domain name, if you have set up a domain-wide password in “Mail Manager”). Otherwise you will get an error message like “relay not permitted”. You should use port 587 in preference to the default (25) because increasing numbers of Internet access providers block use of port 25 in order to reduce the amount of spam originating from computers infected with viruses.

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