What are the settings for a mobile phone?

Screenshots for the iPhone are below – if you have an iPhone, skip straight to that question.

If your phone has a web browser, then you can browse to https://www.simbahosting.co.uk/webmail. In practice though, that might be difficult on a small screen and you will probably want to use your phone’s e-mail application. Your phone needs to support TLS or SSL connections. (The included e-mail programs on the Apple iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia series 40 and series 60 (Symbian) phones are known to work; and as the mail protocols are standardised, we expect it will work on any other e-mail-capable phone also).

The settings are exactly as for your PC. Let us know if you find any problems. Some phones may ask you to verify a “certificate” the first time you connect. This allows you to be certain that you are sending your password and e-mail to Simba Hosting and not someone else. Some phones will do the verification automatically. If your phone tells you that that the certificate’s “finger-print” is 14:6D:4E:C4:B5:01:6A:ED:C1:46:63:0C:3A:EE:4D:1F:01:E2:80:D9 or 64:E9:0D:24:7C:48:32:7F:BF:4B:4B:9F:84:72:7C:24 (or before 12th January 2012, 1B:EC:C9:29:2C:33:3D:73:A3:01:34:02:39:BF:BB:85:90:01:70:E9 or C5:F6:BD:E0:6D:EF:46:40:9C:48:A4:6E:37:13:B2:54) (lower-case letters are also acceptable) then you should accept, otherwise you should decline and contact support to tell us what value was shown.

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