What are the settings for Microsoft Outlook ?

Recent versions of Outlook support automatic configuration. If you begin the steps below, then Outlook can/should pick up some of the settings automatically and save you some of the steps.

(N.B. The screenshots below may not be from the same version as Microsoft Outlook as you have; so don’t be too confused if they differ a little).

First, choose ‘Account Settings’ from the ‘Tools’ menu:

Account Settings...

Secondly, press the button to create a new account.

When asked for user information, enter your email address, and enter it again as your User Name. Enter your password. Do NOT tick the “Secure Password Authentication” box:

Account Details

Press the “More Settings” button (towards the bottom right). The resulting window has four tabs. The ones that need modification are ‘Outgoing’ and ‘Advanced’, as follows (N.B. if you chose an IMAP account instead of a POP account, then this will be port 993 instead of 995 in the second screenshot):

Outgoing settings

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