What is the basic procedure for transferring an existing service?

A transfer must be done carefully. If certain rules are kept, there is no reason for there to be any break in service.

One general rule is that you must begin the transfer process before your renewal comes up with your existing provider. Otherwise, they will likely charge you for another year’s service (or however long your contract period is).

The questions below address how to perform the different services available. The basic order to do things in (unless advised otherwise) is as follows:

1. Transfer your domain name to Simba

2. Set up your e-mail settings at Simba (and in your computer’s e-mail program)

3. Copy your website (including database) over to Simba, and let Simba know that you are now ready

4. Simba will then make the e-mail and website on our computers the “real” one that the rest of the Internet uses, and you can then delete your settings and account at your previous provider.

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