What is your refund policy for this plugin?

We do not have a “no questions asked” refund guarantee. The plugin is priced cheaply, so please read the description carefully and decide whether it is suitable for you. The plugin is not priced to allow us to spend time working together with potential customers on a trial purchase.

We will consider refunds only if a defect is found in the plugin which we cannot fix (and for which we are given enough information or access to allow us to establish the existence of the defect), and which is reported within 25 days of purchase. A “defect” means that specifically advertised functionality does not work as advertised. (The right of EU customers to refund a purchase that they have not downloaded, within 14 days of purchase, remains intact).

Note that defects with Google or any other third party’s service(s), or the end of those service(s), is not grounds for a refund for your plugin purchase from us.

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