FTP SSL certificate updated

The SSL (encryption and authentication) certificate for our main FTP server, ftp.simbahosting.co.uk, has been updated. The SSL protocol is used to make sure that your data is safe from prying eyes in transit (the “encryption” part) and really being sent to the right server rather than an impostor (the “authentication”). For one thing, PCI compliance (for those who take debit or credit cards online) requires a properly secured FTP server. Updates are routine – SSL certificates are always time-limited, usually to one year (so that if someone broke in and stole the “keys”, then their usefulness is time-limited).

So, if your FTP program notices the change, and asks you to confirm that it’s OK, then please do so. It should show you some details; they should match those shown here (it may show one or both of the “Fingerprints” – whichever are shown should match) – click on the image to see it at full size:

FTP details from May 2013