Acceptable use policy

Bandwidth Limits

Hosting packages are subject to a specified limit of total web traffic per month per domain name. Only clients with extremely popular websites are likely to approach anywhere near this limit. (See the product descriptions for current limits). This limit is not enforced by any automated process. If you get very popular for some reason, we want you to enjoy the opportunity! If it is a one-off occurence, we will generally not take any action. However, if it happens regularly we will contact you to negotiate an upgrade to your package.

Excessive Use Of Resources

Simba Hosting wants your website to succeed and be popular. However in exceptional circumstances we must, to protect all our other customers' websites and e-mail, reserve the right to take whatever action is necessary if for some reason your website causes any kind of overload and requires more resources than can be supplied, or uses an excessive amount of resources relative to your package. Should any action ever be necessary, we will promptly provide a full explanation and seek a mutually satisfactory way forward. We want your business! Dynamic web scripting facilities (e.g. PHP) are generally set to allow you to use a generous amount of resources. Our general approach is that we want you to be able to do anything you want or need to. However, again, in order to protect the all our others customers and their needs, we must reserve the right to place limits to prevent any one website from using an amount of resources that places other services in danger or that is disproportionate to your package. Should this ever happen, we will provide a prompt and full explanation and work with you to find a satisfactory way forward.

If No Solution Is Found

In any of the above situations, if a mutually satisfactory solution cannot be found and we believe that your website (or other use of facilities) will continue to consume considerably more resources than is reasonable in relationship to your package, we reserve the right to terminate your hosting agreement in exchange for a full refund of the time left to run upon it, measured by complete remaining quarters.

Outoing Email Limits

Shared hosting accounts are subject to limits in the number of outgoing emails that can be sent. This is to prevent hacked accounts being used for sending large quantities of spam, and because, with shared hosting, the deliverability of all customers' emails relies upon maintaining good reputation of the shared IP address, which is jeopardised by sending large email runs. Any limits we apply will be far above the limits of normal personal communications, intending only to impact bulk sending.

Scope Of And Changes To Policy

The above policy is not comprehensive, but its principles will be applied to any other situation which arises which has not been foreseen above. As it is not possible to predict all the eventualities that can happen, we reserve the right to change this policy without notice and have it apply to all existing as well as future clients. If such changes are likely to have any effect upon you, we will notify you when such changes take place - they will not happen secretly.


We request (if have exceptional needs, please discuss them with us) that you do not configure your computer to check your e-mail every minute of the day. We suggest that every five minutes is as regularly as is reasonable, or three if you really must. If you have exceptional needs then we may allow more frequently based upon a small surcharge for the extra resource usage.