Government of Saint Helena

We worked on a comprehensive redesign of the St Helena Government (SHG) website, by improving its visual engagement, structure and general usability.

The visual layout and design of the site was completely overhauled in order to make the site more engaging, simpler to use and to better reflect the SHG identity. The overall page structure of the site was re-worked to more accurately represent the work and departments of SHG, while still keeping the most frequently used items at the forefront. This included making better use of news items and public announcements.

The framework of the website was updated to utilise a responsive design, where the layout of the page updates automatically for different screen widths. This is particularly crucial in making the website just as usable on mobile phones and tablets.

On a related note. I think emailed a little while back about using SHG as an example of someone I’ve worked with on my portfolio site. How do you feel about that? It would essentially just be their logo (alongside other businesses and organisations) — there’s a screenshot below of a concept design.