Plugin Updates, Licensing and Renewals Manager – WooCommerce Connector

From £55.00 (you can pay in GB pounds sterling, euros or US dollars) / 12 months

This plugin is designed for WordPress plugin developers who wish to sell and distribute their own plugins – allowing you to use your existing WordPress website to manage plugin licences, updates and renewal reminders.

N.B.: The main plugin is free (you can get it from – what is being sold here is specifically the WooCommerce integration. Below, we list all plugin features, in case you are not yet familiar with it.

Its main features are:

  • Distribute plugin updates: provides a server to allow you to make updates available to users of your plugin, within their WordPress plugin. Just add one class to your plugin, configure one line to invoke it, and you’re ready.
  • Manage user licences: provides an interface for showing, adding, deleting and extending or renewing users’ licences.
  • Handles free plugins: As well as licensed plugins, you can distribute updates for your free plugins, with no licence keys or purchases required.
  • WooCommerce integration: integrate with WooCommerce to:
    • allow licences to be automatically created or renewed when a customer makes a relevant purchase
    • create licence renewal coupons, whose validity can depend on when the existing licences expire
    • allow renewal reminders to contain direct links to pre-filled carts
    • provide a renewal checkbox at the checkout, when it looks like the customer is renewing
    • allow the customer to opt-out of renewal reminder emails via their WooCommerce account page
    • provide links between relevant WooCommerce and licence manager pages in your WP dashboard
    • link plugins to particular WooCommerce products, so that uploading a new plugin version uploads the associated downloads of the WooCommerce product
  • Renewal reminders: automatically show a dashboard notice on your users’ websites inviting them to renew their plugin purchase, and automatically email users at defined intervals.
  • Tried and tested: began development in 2012, and used and improved continuously since then. Used to distribute millions of downloads of UpdraftPlus Premium (as well as all plugins from this website).
  • Extendable: Provides many hooks and filters to allow you to extensively customise its behaviour and implement whatever licensing schemes you can imagine.
  • WooCommerce high-performance order storage: This plugin is HPOS-compatible (see here for more information)
  • Compatible with the block-based cart and checkout: the plugin fully supports WooCommerce’s new (in 2023) block-based cart and checkout system (as well as the legacy shortcode cart/checkout pages).

Continue reading the product description below to understand more detail about what this plugin can do. Also, FAQs for Simba plugins (including this one) are available at this link.


Here are some screenshots, to give a fuller idea of the plugin’s capabilities. Each screenshot has some further comments on the capabilities shown.

Configuring the options for the automatic renewal reminder email for your customers:

Options for the automatic renewal reminder email for your customersUsers can be emailed on any schedule you like. There is the option (for WooCommerce users) for users to unsubscribe from renewal reminders. You can test and send yourself tests and debugging logs.

Editing the automatic renewal reminder email for your customers

Editing the automatic renewal reminder email for your customers

The standard WordPress WYSIWYG editor is used for editing your renewal reminder emails. The reminder queue is processed daily; you can also process it manually.

The reminder emails can (via the WooCommerce integration) contain links that take the customer instantly to the shop, and even to automatically log them in and place the relevant items in their cart. Make their renewal as friction-less as possible!

Configuring the automatic reminder emails for your customers:

Creating a coupon for licence renewal

You can create a WooCommerce coupon (if using the WooCommerce integration) to allow renewals to be discounted. All existing WooCommerce coupon features can be used as well.

Managing a user’s plugin licences

Managing a user's plugin licencesShop owners can see and edit users’ licences as they see best. With the WooCommerce integration, links are also shown to the customer’s orders, and back from relevant WooCommerce screens to the licence entitlement screen.

A connector class which you can integrate into your plugins with one line of configuration is available:

Connection class for users who install your pluginTo hook up your plugins to receive updates from the updates server, you don’t need to do lots of coding – you just need to include one provided class, and add one line of configuration. The rest is taken care of, beautifully!

Managed plugins:

Managed pluginsYou can manage as many plugins as you like.

Managing a new plugin:

Adding a new pluginWhen adding a new plugin, the details that you add are shown in the user’s WordPress dashboard, when they view information about the plugin and updates. You can manage both licensed and free plugins.

Uploading a new plugin version:

Uploading a new plugin versionYou can enter information about supported WordPress versions – which will be shown/used in the user’s WordPress dashboard, just like with plugins from

If the plugin has a readme.txt or changelog.txt, then this is also read, and changelog information from there is shown to the user.

Managing plugin versions:

Available plugin versionsFor each plugin, you can upload as many potential updates as you like. Downloads are counted.

Adding a new rule for which users will receive which updates:

Adding a download ruleYou can configure sophisticated rules to decide which users are offered which updates – e.g. only offer version 2.0 of your plugin if the user has a recent-enough version of WordPress.

Managing the rules as to which users get which update version:

Download rules

A shortcode is provided to allow users to see what plugins they have and can obtain:



FAQs for Simba plugins (including this one) are available at this link.

Additional information

Licence Type

Single site licence (£55 / £65), Up to 5 sites (£125 / £145), Up to 25 sites (£195 / £215)

Renewal type

Automatic renewal (subscription – discounted), Manual renewal

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