WooCommerce Checkout Country Detector

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N.B. This feature is part of WooCommerce core from version 2.3 onwards, so this plugin is no longer developed.

This plugin does one, important thing: it pre-selects the “country” field for your WooCommerce checkout and optionally your cart, based on the IP address of the visitor. i.e. It enters their country for them, so that they don't have to do it themselves.
Doing this is a no-brainer. Our experience (at updraftplus.com) shows that, without it, there are support requests from people who overlook the “country” selection. They then receive messages from WooCommerce that their zip code / post code is invalid. If some people make support requests, then others give up and walk away. Why lose those sales?

Country detection is done using the popular (and free) MaxMind IP-to-country database. (There's a button in your dashboard to press once to install the database is taken care of for you, and it is then updated automatically weekly). If you are using CloudFlare, then you can also turn on the “IP Geolocation” option in your CloudFlare control panel, and the CloudFlare result will be used (including with IPv6). The country will also be pre-selected in the shipping cost calculator on your cart page, if relevant.

Just install this plugin, and leave it to save you lost sales. Nothing else is needed.



When a customer visits the check-out, their country is pre-selected (the screenshot below is a fixed screenshot – it’s not detecting where you are coming from!).

Intelligently pre-selected country in the WooCommerce checkout

The setting for the plugin, for choosing when pre-selection should take place, is found in your dashboard, in WooCommerce -> Settings -> General. One option allows you to apply the country pre-selection to the display of shipping options on the cart page; the other applies pre-selection only to the check-out.


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