WooCommerce Minimum and Maximum Orders

From £25.00 (you can pay in GB pounds sterling, euros or US dollars) / 12 months

This plugin gives WooCommerce the ability to apply rules for minimum and maximum purchases to customers. Scroll down to see screenshots.

  • Minimum and maximum order amounts: require customers to make a minimum purchase, or limit the maximum allowed purchase.
  • Minimum and maximum order quantities: require customers to order a minimum number of items, or limit the maximum number of allowed items.
  • Before or after tax and discounts: minimum or maximum purchase amounts can be applied before or after line-item taxes and discounts (i.e. coupons)
  • Different rules for different shipping/delivery methods: You can apply different rules for different shipping/delivery methods; for example, require a higher minimum order for delivery, or an even higher minimum for international delivery.
  • Supports WooCommerce shipping zones: You can have different rules for each shipping zone (i.e. if you use the same shipping method in multiple zones, you can have different rules for each instance).
  • Exclude items from the calculation: If there are items that should not count when enforcing requirements, then you can exclude these on the basis of their product category (e.g. a downloadable “software” category), or of their shipping class.
  • Exempt customers via a coupon: Standard WooCommerce coupons now have an extra option, to allow users of that coupon to be exempt from any minimum/maximum purchase requirements.
  • Let the customer know what they need to do: cart and check-out pages will show a customisable message when the customer’s cart/order does not meet the requirements. Customers who do not meet the requirements will not be able to complete check-out. Optionally, if a customer’s cart is entirely made up of excluded goods (e.g. all downloadable purchases), then they can be allowed to proceed with checking out.
  • Supports WooCommerce High Performance Order Storage and block-based cart and checkout pages: you can use the latest WooCommerce technologies with confidence. The traditional/legacy post-based order storage and shortcode-based cart and checkout pages are also supported.
  • From a recognised, long-term WooCommerce developer: We have been developing on WordPress for over 10 years. Our WordPress plugins have had a combined total of over 15 million downloads.

Supported with WooCommerce 3.7 up to the current release. Native translations of the back-end are possible – we have a website where you can easily add further translations. (For the front-end, all messages that a customer may see are already directly customisable in the plugin configuration).


Further information

This extension comes with 12 months of access to updated versions, and support.
For FAQs about plugin purchases in general, please follow this link.

Installation information: install this plugin in the usual way, by going to the Plugins -> Add New -> Upload screen of your WordPress dashboard. Configuration is then found in WooCommerce -> Min/Max Rules.


Setting up minimum/maximum rules for a particular delivery method (note that there is also a tab for default settings):

N.B. The screenshot below shows only one tab for each shipping method. With WooCommerce’s “shipping zones”, it will show multiple – one for each zone; i.e. you can set up different rules for different zones.

Setting up minimum/maximum purchase rules for a particular shipping method

Excluding items from particular shipping classes from the criteria:

Exempting items from chosen shipping categories

Excluding items from particular categories from the criteria:

Creating an exempt product category

Creating a coupon to allow favoured customers to be exempt from the criteria:

Creating an exemption coupon

An informational message being shown at the cart, informing the user that they do not yet have enough items in their cart for the chosen shipping method (note that the messages shown can be customised; in the screenshot below, it is shown because of a lack of items):

Cart message

An customer being forbidden to complete check-out, because of not meeting the minimum order requirements:

Checkout message



Additional information

Licence Type

Single site licence (£25 / £35), Up to 5 sites (£55 / £65), Up to 25 sites (£85 / £95)

Renewal type

Automatic renewal (subscription – discounted), Manual renewal

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