Calendar now available for all email (webmail) users

We are pleased to announce that our webmail facility now includes a calendar module, available to all users with mailboxes on the system. Create events, get reminders, show holidays, show Google calendars, and more besides. To use it, simply login… READ MORE

Beefed-up anti-spam provisions

Recently we’ve done a lot of work on improving spam detection, by deploying new software and reviewing our configurations. This has to be done from time-to-time, because the spammers are always active in trying to find ways round defences. You… READ MORE

DKIM signing of outgoing emails

The below may all be gobble-de-gook to you. Don’t worry! In short, it means we’re keeping on top of ever-evolving security standards for you, and you don’t need to think about it. During this year we have been working on… READ MORE