PHP 8.3 now available

PHP 8.3, the latest PHP version series, is now available for all customers. You can change the PHP version which your website runs on in your control panel. (Information on which PHP versions the PHP group still officially supports is… READ MORE

Shared hosting upgrade

Our shared hosting platform was successfully upgraded this morning. This brings us updated versions of many pieces of internal software, and should ensure that the platform is stable for many more years to come. The upgrade went smoothly and there… READ MORE

PHP 8.2 now available

PHP 8.2 (the latest series of the PHP programming language) is now available for all customers. If you are currently using a different version and wish to try it, then it can be chosen in your web hosting control panel…. READ MORE

Default PHP version now 7.2

In keeping with our commitment to promoting modern technologies, we have updated the default version of PHP used for new web hosting accounts from PHP 7.1 to 7.2. All customers can continue to request a different PHP version (from 5.2… READ MORE