MariaDB upgraded to version 10.5

Simba Hosting are committed to providing current technologies, not allowing our platform to slowly rot over the years, as is too common in the industry. As part of this commitment, the database server (MariaDB) has been upgraded on our main… READ MORE

Upgrading shared database server (MariaDB / MySQL) from MariaDB 10.2 to 10.3

At Simba Hosting we are committed to using up-to-date technologies. Far too many hosting companies simply let their platforms “rot”, and allow their customers to experience the increasing problems that result. As part of this, our shared web hosting database… READ MORE

Shared webserver switch complete

The shared webserver migration described in our previous post has been completed. If you need to change DNS records, as described in that post, then you should do so now. We are now completing a number of post-migration tasks and… READ MORE

Details of upcoming upgrade of shared webserver platform, and action to be taken

As previously advised by email, soon, the IP address of our main shared web hosting platform will change, as part of a comprehensive upgrade which we have been working on for several weeks. This post now contains the information on… READ MORE

Shared database server transition complete

Our transition to a new database server for our shared web hosting customers is now complete. The transition was seamless; i.e. no data was lost. Most sites experienced around 25 minutes of down-time during the transition; some experienced much less…. READ MORE

Unplanned maintenance / downtime report, 29th October

As many of you will have noticed, there were several hours of unplanned downtime for UK mail and shared hosting services from late afternoon until late evening yesterday, Thursday 29th October. This was caused by a defective hard disk drive…. READ MORE

Unplanned down-time (now over)

Some customers will have noticed unplanned down-time on their websites during the last hour, during which the affected websites could not contact their databases. This was caused by a mistaken and unannounced change in network routing at our data-centre company…. READ MORE

PHP 5.5

We are in process of implementing an upgrade from PHP 5.4 to PHP 5.5 as PHP 5.4’s final end of life approaches in a couple of months time. This should be a pain-free migration, as PHP 5.5 has only some… READ MORE

Hard disk replacement

UK shared hosting customers are going to be subject to some downtime for their websites and email at 9pm tonight (UK time). A fault has been detected on a hard disk, which will need to be physically replaced. Non-SSL websites… READ MORE

Planned down-time

Some time in between 10 p.m. on February 5th 2014, and 6 a.m. the next day, a number of Simba Hosting services will be being physically moved to a new datacentre. There is nothing you need to do to be… READ MORE