Updates to webmail

Our webmail installation has been updated to the latest version of the underlying software (the 1.4 series of Roundcube). Amongst other improvements, this includes a new theme, designed responsively for all sizes of screen, and so should be easier to… READ MORE

Webmail upgraded to Roundcube 1.3

Roundcube webmail has been upgraded from the 1.2 series to the latest 1.3 series. Amongst other under-the-hood improvements, the listed improvements for the 1.3 series are: Widescreen layout aka Three Column View Possibility to display QR code for contacts data… READ MORE

Webmail updated

We’ve updated our webmail software (Roundcube) to the latest release… bringing a new, modern theme, and a host of speed and usability improvements. We hope you like it! To use webmail, wherever you are in the world, just go to:… READ MORE