New versions of all WordPress/WooCommerce plugins released

New versions of all our WordPress and WooCommerce plugins have been released. This was to fix a bug found in the updater (the code which integrates with WordPress’s “Updates” page) which could sometimes stop updates checks from going ahead. As… READ MORE

WooCommerce 2.7 is coming

WooCommerce 2.7 is coming…. the expected release is in a week. (Footnote: this later got re-versioned as 3.0). It’s also a major update. The internals of WooCommerce have seen a huge amount of change with this release – big internal… READ MORE

WooCommerce Opening Hours – new features + WC 2.6 compatibility

Following successful testing, we are now making the 1.6 series the default download available for customers of our highly popular “WooCommerce Opening Hours / Delivery Times” extension, for adding various time-related features to your WooCommerce store. The 1.6 series has… READ MORE

WooCommerce 2.5

WooCommerce 2.5 – the latest major release of the popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress (that powers around a quarter of all e-commerce sites) is out there. We’re happy to say that all of our extensions are supported and compatible. Existing… READ MORE

WooCommerce Minimum and Maximum Order Extension

If you run a WooCommerce shop, then you may be interested in our new plugin. This plugin gives WooCommerce the ability to apply rules for minimum and maximum purchases to customers. To get the full information and screenshots, go to the… READ MORE

WooCommerce 2.4 / WordPress 4.3 plugin compatibility

We’re please to say that we’ve now finished testing all of our commercial plugins on the forthcoming WooCommerce 2.4 and WordPress 4.3 (tested on release candidate 1). Where necessary, new releases have been made. In particular, users of our WooCommerce… READ MORE

WooCommerce Opening Hours / Delivery Times 1.5.7 released – including WooCommerce 2.4 compatibility

Version 1.5.7 of our popular WooCommerce extension for adding times to your shop (opening hours, delivery times, and various other possibilities) has been released. This release has been tested on the upcoming releases of WordPress 4.3 and WooCommerce 2.4, both… READ MORE

WooCommerce Opening Hours / Delivery Times 1.5.1 released

A new release of our popular WooCommerce opening hours/delivery times extension for adding times to your WooCommerce shop has been released, with these changes: Feature: New capability to add a notice to products’ pages out-of-hours (so, if you use this,… READ MORE

WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance plugin version 1.10.1 released

Version 1.10.1 of our popular WooCommerce extension for helping with EU VAT (IVA/MwST/etc.) compliance has been released, with these improvements: Feature: VAT summary report table now has an option to export the table directly as a CSV file Feature: It is… READ MORE

WooCommerce Automatic Order Printing – new release

A new release of our “automatic order printing” plugin for WooCommerce has been released. This new release switches to using a different authentication method for connecting WordPress to your Google account. This was necessary, as Google have abolished the previously-used… READ MORE