WooCommerce 2.7 is coming

WooCommerce 2.7 is coming…. the expected release is in a week. (Footnote: this later got re-versioned as 3.0).

It’s also a major update. The internals of WooCommerce have seen a huge amount of change with this release – big internal renovations to make WooCommerce ready to be the eCommerce plugin for the long-run.

This, inevitably, means that a lot of hard work is needed from extension authors to keep their extensions up-to-date – especially to keep those extensions running on existing and older versions too. You will want to make sure that you update all your WooCommerce extensions before updating WooCommerce to 2.7 (and check that they are compatible first – authors vary in how timely they are in being ready!).

We have been doing that hard work, updating our plugins, and testing them out (including on our live sites). We have now run out of known issues to deal with, and are beginning the process of releasing them as the current versions. So, keep a look out for new releases!

Because WooCommerce is a major update, if your paid-for period for access to updated versions of our plugins has run out, then you will definitely want to renew before updating to WooCommerce 2.7. To do that, just go to the product page in the shop, and make a fresh purchase.