WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance 1.6.14 released

Version 1.6.14 of our EU VAT Compliance extension for WordPress has been released. This release concentrates upon improving the usability and reliability of the checking of business customers’ VAT numbers when entered at the checkout.

  • Feature: Upon discovery of a valid Spanish VAT number which the existing API server did not return as valid, we now use the official VIES service directly, and fall back to a second option if that does not respond positively (thus adding some redundancy if one service is down).
  • Feature: VAT number validity at the checkout is now checked as it is typed (i.e. before order is placed), and feedback given allowing the customer to respond (e.g. hint that you have chosen a different country to that which the VAT number is for).
  • Feature: Support for the official exchange rates of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (http://www.cbr.ru)
  • Tweak: Move the position of the “VAT Number” field at the checkout to the bottom of the billing column, and make it filterable
  • Tweak: If Belgian customer enters a 9-digit VAT number, then automatically prefix with a 0 (https://www.gov.uk/vat-eu-country-codes-vat-numbers-and-vat-in-other-languages)