WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance 1.6.6 released

Version 1.65 of our WooCommerce EU VAT compliance plugin for WordPress has been released.

Compared to version 1.6.6, this release updates the URL of HM Revenue + Custom (UK)’s exchange rates feed (they changed it for Jan 2015, swapping hyphens for underscores), prevents the display of the “Vat Number” heading at the checkout unnecessarily in some situations, and adds a new “classes” parameter to the euvat_country_selector short-code, allowing you more styling options.

Compared to version 1.6.5, this version fixes a bug that could potentially cause the ‘Phrase matches used to identify VAT taxes’ and ‘Invoice footer text (B2C)’ settings to be reset to default values; adds some help text, and adds the VAT rate in the tax name instead of the country (in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Tax -> (rate)). This can be desirable if your territory requires VAT invoices to explicitly state the rate of VAT applied – if this is so for you, then you should delete your existing tables, and re-create them with the button available.

Compared to version 1.6.4, this release changes the logic for display of the self-certification field (according to the shop owner’s options), to not make choosing a non-EU country for billing/shipping end the verification process. i.e. If the IP address country and chosen country conflict, then self-certification will still be required (if the shop owner’s settings indicate it).

Compared to version 1.6.3, this release also updates the German translation (courtesy of Gunther Wegner), adds a new French translation (courtesy of Guy Pasteger), and adds the Danish National Bank as an exchange-rate provider.

As ever, you can get the update from your Simba account page.