WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance 1.6.9 released

Version 1.6.9 of our WooCommerce EU VAT compliance plugin has been released, and includes the following items:

Changes since 1.6.8:

  • Fix: Download of current VAT rates via HTTP was not working (bundled copy of rates in the plugin always ended up getting used)
  • Feature: New readiness tests added for checking access to current VAT rates via network, checking that each country has an entry in a tax table, and checking that they agree with the apparent current rates.
  • Tweak: Don’t load un-needed PHP classes if not in admin area (minor performance improvement)

Compared to versions prior to 1.6.8:

  • Feature: VAT rate tables can now be pre-filled for any tax class (not just WooCommerce’s built-in standard / reduced), and you can choose which rates to fetch them from
  • Fix: Fix bug (since 1.6.0) in the free version that caused any widget-selected country’s VAT rate to be applied at the check-out, despite other settings.
  • Fix: Where no reduced rate exists (currently, Denmark), the standard rate is added instead
  • Update: Default VAT rates for Luxembourg updated to reflect new values (Jan 2015) – you will need to update your WooCommerce tax tables to pick up the new rates
  • Tweak: Round prices before comparing taxed and untaxed prices (otherwise two actually identical prices may apparently differ due to the nature of PHP floating point arithmetic – which could cause an “including tax” label to show when tax was actually zero)
  • Tweak: CSV spreadsheet download now supplies date in local format (as well as standard ISO-8601 format) (suggestion from Guy Pasteger)
  • Tweak: Date entry boxes in the control centre now have a date-picker widget (as they did if used from the WooCommerce reports page)
  • Tweak: Record + display information on which exchange rate provider was used to convert (useful for audit), and the recorded rate
  • Tweak: Added new readiness test: tests that all coupons are applied before tax (doing so after tax leads to non-compliant VAT invoices)
  • Tweak: Added new readiness test: check that tax is enabled for the store
  • Translations: Updated POT file

As always, you can download the new version from your account page.