WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance 1.7.4 released

Version 1.7.4 of our EU VAT compliance plugin for WooCommerce has been released. Change items in recent releases (from 1.7.0 onwards) include:

  • (1.7.4) The HMRC (UK) moved the location of their exchange rates feed, unannounced, for the second month in a row. This release will access their current feed location.
  • (1.7.2) Tested on WooCommerce 2.3. Note that WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance will over-ride WooCommerce 2.3’s built-in geo-location features – so, you should not need to adjust any settings after updating to WooCommerce 2.3. WooCommerce 2.0 is no longer officially supported or tested (though this release is still believed to be compatible).
  • (1.7.2) Added order number to the CSV download (allowing order number to differ from the WooCommerce order ID – e.g. if using http://www.woothemes.com/products/sequential-order-numbers-pro/).
  • (1.7.2) Introduce WC_EU_VAT_NOCOUNTRYPRESELECT constant, allowing you to disable the built-in country pre-selection (if, for example, you already have an existing solution)
  • (1.7.1) Fix: No longer require the shop base country to be in the EU when applying VAT exemptions for B2B customers
  • (1.7.1) Feature: Add an option for a separate checkbox for the “show prices without taxes” option in the country-selection widget (in addition to the existing, but not-necessarily-easy-to-find, menu option on the country list)
  • Updated French translation (thanks to Guy Pasteger)

As always, you can download new versions from your account page.