WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance 1.9.0 released

Version 1.9.0 of our WooCommerce EU VAT/IVA compliance plugin for WordPress has been released.

The major new feature in this release is support for WooCommerce refunds. Refund support was introduced in version 2.2 of WooCommerce, allowing orders to be partially refunded, including partial refunds of taxes paid. Information on refunds will now be included in the “EU VAT Compliance” meta box shown on the “edit order” dashboard page, and extra columns have been added to the downloadable CSV to include this information.

This release has also been tested and verified on the forthcoming WordPress 4.2 release.

Customers can download the new version from their account page – or, better, install it directly from their WordPress dashboard, if they’re using a version since 1.8.0 that includes the built-in updater.