WooCommerce EU/UK VAT Compliance – Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t have a huge number of FAQs here because, frankly, there haven’t been a huge number of questions that get repeatedly asked! If you go to the VAT Compliance control centre in your dashboard (WooCommerce -> VAT Compliance), then all of the plugin’s features and capabilities are collected there in a single handy place. Consequently, if you go through the various things you can find there, you will usually find what you are looking for.

You can also read FAQs that apply to all our WordPress plugins here.

A customer is not being charged the correct VAT rate – how do I resolve this?

All tax calculations in WooCommerce are carried out by WooCommerce core, according to the tax rate tables you have configured in the WooCommerce settings. They are not altered by this plugin – because it does not need to (WooCommerce core already has complete features in this area). The only way that this plugin gets involved is by setting a flag for an order to be exempted from tax, if a valid VAT number has been entered. Otherwise, all taxes are calculated according to your tax rate tables, which you can find in your dashboard in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Taxes -> (Tax Rate Tables). For official documentation on taxes in WooCommerce, go here.

You should make sure that you keep your tax rates up to date; so, you should make sure that you are aware of changes to VAT rates across the EU and/or UK (e.g. by following news on a website like VAT Live). To help you keep your rates up to date, the plugin provides two facilities which you can use:

1) In your dashboard, in WooCommerce -> VAT Compliance -> Readiness Report, the plugin will report on whether it believes your VAT rates are up to date.

2) In WooCommerce -> Settings -> Taxes -> (Tax Rate Tables), there is a button to press that can update your current tax rate table entries to match a full set of current VAT rates (at either standard, or reduced rate).

How can I display a widget allowing a visitor to pre-select their country, when viewing products (and thus set VAT accordingly)?

There is a widget for this; so, look in your dashboard, in Appearance -> Widgets. You can also display it anywhere in page content, using a shortcode, optionally including an option for displaying prices without taxes. The shortcode is euvat_country_selector, and optionally takes parameters:

  • “include_notaxes” which you can set to “true” or “false”.
  • “include_which_countries” which can take the values “all” (default), “shipping” or “selling”, depending upon whether you want to display all countries, or just those that WooCommerce is configured to ship to, or sell to.

I want to make everyone pay the same prices, regardless of VAT

This is not strictly a VAT compliance issue, and so does not come under the remit of this plugin; the plugin does not have a feature to do this. (Suggestions that can be found on the Internet that charging different prices in difference countries breaks non-discrimination law have no basis in fact).

Can customers be shown the correct VAT rate as soon as a visitor comes to the site?

Yes, this happens by default when the plugin is active. You should go to WooCommerce -> VAT Compliance -> Readiness Report in your dashboard to verify that it is working.

How can I make the customer’s VAT number field appear in a custom template I am creating with the WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional plugin?

Use the following place-holder : {{VAT Number}} . For more help, please see the official WP Overnight documentation, here.