WooCommerce Minimum and Maximum Order Extension

If you run a WooCommerce shop, then you may be interested in our new plugin. This plugin gives WooCommerce the ability to apply rules for minimum and maximum purchases to customers. To get the full information and screenshots, go to the product page, here. It’s on sale for 7 days, so hurry!

  • Minimum and maximum order amounts: require customers to make a minimum purchase, or limit the maximum allowed purchase.
  • Minimum and maximum order quantities: require customers to order a minimum number of items, or limit the maximum number of allowed items.
  • Before or after tax and discounts: minimum or maximum purchase amounts can be applied before or after line-item taxes and discounts (i.e. coupons)
  • Different rules for different shipping/delivery methods: You can apply different rules for different shipping/delivery methods; for example, require a higher minimum order for delivery, or an even higher minimum for international delivery.
  • Exclude items from the calculation: If there are items that should not count when enforcing requirements, then you can exclude these on the basis of their product category (e.g. a downloadable “software” category), or of their shipping class.
  • Exempt customers via a coupon: Standard WooCommerce coupons now have an extra option, to allow users of that coupon to be exempt from any minimum/maximum purchase requirements.
  • Let the customer know what they need to do: cart and check-out pages will show a customisable message when the customer’s cart/order does not meet the requirements. Customers who do not meet the requirements will not be able to complete check-out. Optionally, if a customer’s cart is entirely made up of excluded goods (e.g. all downloadable purchases), then they can be allowed to proceed with checking out.
  • From a recognised, long-term WooCommerce developer: We have been developing on WordPress for over 8 years. Our WordPress plugins have had a combined total of over 3 million downloads.