WooCommerce Opening Hours 1.4.3 (beta) released

Version 1.4.3 of our “WooCommerce Opening Hours / Delivery Times” plugin has been released.

This release adds a new feature: the ability to restrict times for products by category (access via Products -> Category –> Edit, for an existing category). For example, you can have a lunch-time menu that cannot be ordered at other times; and a dinner-menu that can only be ordered in the evening. These are in addition to your overall opening (or delivery, etc.) times.

Restrict items by category

Also, we fixed two bugs – the checkout will no longer print the time chooser field, if the cart contents are all in shipping classes which are configured to not require any time selection (only relevant if you are using this feature); and secondly, removed a debugging function left in the short-lived 1.4.2 release.

Finally, the {chosen_time} tag which you can add to email subjects now uses WordPress’s configured time display format, and the German translation has been updated (thanks to Christian Pagel).

You can download this new version from your account page – it is the “beta” download. So far, customers’ testing on the “different times for different shipping methods” feature has been positive, and we have no known bugs. But, we’ll keep calling it “beta” for a little longer, out of caution – you can still download the previous release from that page also, if you prefer to.