WooCommerce Opening Hours / Delivery Times 1.5.7 released – including WooCommerce 2.4 compatibility

Version 1.5.7 of our popular WooCommerce extension for adding times to your shop (opening hours, delivery times, and various other possibilities) has been released.

This release has been tested on the upcoming releases of WordPress 4.3 and WooCommerce 2.4, both of which have had first release candidates made. No issues are expected if you upgrade to WordPress 4.3 with the current plugin release; but to upgrade to WooCommerce 2.4, you will need to update the plugin first (it remains compatible with previous supported WooCommerce versions – i.e. 2.1 onwards).

In the course of compatibility testing, two previously unidentified bugs were also discovered and fixed.

  • Compatibility and fix: WooCommerce 2.4 compatibility (upgrade required – changes in WC 2.4 mean that previous releases are not WC 2.4 compatible) (at the time of writing, WooCommerce 2.4 is not yet released)
  • Compatibility: tested with WordPress 4.3 (release candidate 1; no issues found)
  • Fix: Fix incomplete implementation of tweak in 1.4.24: “Use hyphens when using European format dates (e.g. 08-06-2015), to conform with PHP’s assumptions about date formatting (http://php.net/strtotime)”.
  • Fix: Fix issue where items with category restrictions that varied daily could make the wrong dates be unselectable in the datepicker

As always, you can install this new update using the updater in your WP dashboard, or download it from your account page.