WooCommerce Opening Hours – new features + WC 2.6 compatibility

Following successful testing, we are now making the 1.6 series the default download available for customers of our highly popular “WooCommerce Opening Hours / Delivery Times” extension, for adding various time-related features to your WooCommerce store.

The 1.6 series has some major changes in it, for compatibility with the forthcoming WooCommerce 2.6, and particularly the new “Shipping Zones” feature. This will allow you to set different times for each shipping zone instance. So, flat-rate local deliveries can have different times available than flat-rate distant deliveries. Please note that if you are an existing user, then after updating to WooCommerce 2.6, and after setting up your shipping zones, you will need to visit your existing times and re-save them (and adjust them to your shipping zones, if you use that feature). A dashboard notice will remind you of this need.

In addition, these new features are also included:

  • A new shortcode, [openinghours_conditional only_if=”(open|closed)”], allowing content to show conditionally on a page or post, depending on the shop status. More information…
  • The “minimum order time” feature to be set per-shipping method (instead of a shop-wide setting). So, you can have different minimum fulfilment times, for example, for local deliveries compared to local pick-ups.
  • A visual indicator that the time has been checked has been added to the checkout.
  • There is a new “export settings” button, allowing much easier sharing of your settings with another user (e.g. your developer, or our support desk). A script also exists for importing settings.

New customers can benefit from these features by purchasing today. Existing customers can download the update from their account page. The update will be pushed to the “Updates” page of existing users’ WordPress dashboards at a later date.

David Anderson (lead developer)