WooCommerce Opening Times 1.3.2 (beta) available

Version 1.3.1 of our popular “WooCommerce Opening Times” plugin is available.

This release adds a major new feature: the capability to vary your allowed times, depending on the customer’s chosen shipping method. e.g. Allow different times for delivered orders and collected orders.

Setting possible times, per shipping method if desired

This release also now shows the customer’s chosen time in the WooCommerce orders list (as well as in the individual order details, as previously), and on the “Thank you for your order” page.

Times shown in the WooCommerce order listing

Finally, this release closes a permissions checking issue whereby any malicious logged in WordPress user could potentially change the configured times for your shop.

We’re currently calling this release “beta”, as whilst it’s passed our testing, we’re eager for others to test it and feed back too. Thus, it is available for customers in your account as a download as well as the current stable version (1.2.6).