What are my login details for FTP?

Host: ftp.simbahosting.co.uk
Username: (your username – usually the same as your domain name)
Password: (your password)

You may also need to tell your FTP program to use encryption. The option may be called “encryption” or “TLS” or “STARTTLS” or “SSL”. The first time you connect, your FTP program may ask you to verify that the secure connection has been made – by asking you to “accept” a “certificate”. When it does this, you should accept if the certificate is issued by Simba Hosting for ftp.simbahosting.co.uk with at least one of these fingerprints (the fingerprint is the guarantee that you really are talking to Simba Hosting and not a third party):

SHA1: 13:94:0F:53:F9:38:D0:A0:04:9E:6E:22:05:4D:AE:B6:FB:0E:56:44
MD5: 96:64:A7:73:9C:E4:6A:56:F2:57:F1:1B:EC:D7:EE:8F

The MD5 standard is now obsolete, and it is not recommended that you check that fingerprint, unless your FTP program refuses to show you the SHA1 one.

Some FTP programs do not show you the fingerprint, and hence do not give you the option to verify the security of the connection. In such cases the only way to do so is to use a different program.

Example of connection settings:

FTP Settings

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