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Person reading emailEvery web-hosting/email-hosting purchase includes our standard offering. Many hosting companies will make you pay extra for features which we give with every package.

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Standard email offering

  • Unlimited forwarding addresses“Forwarding” means that you can give your clients an address using your domain name, e.g., and have it appear in your existing mailbox, e.g.
  • 10 mailboxesDedicated mailboxes, with mail stored at Simba Hosting. Further mailboxes are cheap (£2/year)
  • POP3, IMAP, webmail
    Access methods – you can access your email from any PC, Mac, tablet, phone, etc. – both into your e-mail program (e.g. Outlook, iPhone mail, etc.) and via any web browser.
  • Webmailstrong>
    We offer both the popular RoundCube
    webmail application – RoundCube is a modern and easy-to-use application including identities, filters, address books and other essential features.
  • Anti-virus
    All incoming email is virus-scanned and any mail containing a virus will not reach your inbox; our virus scanning engines update hourly.
  • Anti-spam
    We employ tuned anti-spam filters to filter out thousands of spam emails every day. None of your mail will disappear into a mysterious spam folder; any mail that is rejected is returned to the sender so that, if legitimate, they can know what happened.
  • Vacation / out-of-office mail
    You can set up a filter to automatically reply to clients when you are away.
  • Sophisticated filters
    You can set up a variety of filters for your mail – discard it, forward it, copy it, file it in different folders, etc., based on all kinds of criteria – who it comes from, what size it is, and so on.
  • Auto-configuration
    We support Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird’s automatic configuration schemes. So if you use either of those programmes (or webmail), then there are no tricky details to type into your email program; they will be detected automatically.
  • Roaming SMTP
    We have outgoing (SMTP) servers, which you can use to send mail from wherever you are in the world; no need to ask the local network owner how to get email out.
  • Encryption
    All access to Simba email services is encrypted – so that your passwords and messages cannot be snooped upon by other customers at the coffee shop or wherever you are.

Email backup / disaster recovery

We often take our email for granted. All kinds of things are stored in there. Documents, legal records, people’s phone numbers, passwords… what happens when your hard disk dies, or your folder gets corrupted, and it’s all gone?

You can cry. Or, if you’ve got this product, you can restore the backup. Nothing to set up, nothing to maintain – if you have a Simba-hosted e-mail address (standard offering), then you just go to your control panel and turn on backups, and choose the addresses you want backed up, incoming and/or outgoing.

When you need to retrieve an email, or all your emails, simply contact Simba support, and we’ll retrieve it for you. Your control panel already has a search box to track down what you’re looking for.

To learn more about this service, and current pricing, read the frequently asked questions, here.

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