Terms of service

Simba Hosting’s desire is to do everything we can to provide you with a service that makes you not only happy with us, but willing to recommend us to others. That said, “Terms of service” are necessary to protect ourselves, and it is normal for them to sound formal and strict so that they can give that protection. These terms form an agreement between yourself and Simba Hosting.

  1. No hosting of obscene, sexually graphic or illegal material, or gambling sites of any kind (legal or otherwise) is allowed, nor the promotion of or provision of commercial services related to the procuring of human abortion. E-mail facilities must not be used to send what we would consider “spam”, or other unapproved bulk-mailings. Web hosting and mail hosting accounts are not intended for use in sending unsolicited bulk mailings.
  2. We expect that web hosting services will be used to serve up web pages, and not for any other kind of activity (such as using scripts to create facilities which are permanently running, or which listen for network data through other means than via the webserver). You will not run such services without a prior agreement. You will take no actions of any kind that could reasonably be believed to affect the stability of Simba Hosting’s services. Web hosting space is not intended for the storage of significant quantities of backup data or for long-term storage of backups or other data, and these may be removed; we’re not going to make a fuss about a small amount of usage, but if you have non-trivial amounts of backup/non-website data, then please store this off-site e.g. once the backup has been created.
  3. If you have a domain name which you do not wish to renew, you must notify us 1 month in advance of its expiry. This is because some of our partners renew domain names automatically to prevent you losing the right to them (which could happen if they were renewed manually and a communication got lost or overlooked). Similarly, some domain registrars historically have either required domains to be registered and renewed for a minimum period of 2 years, or give much better prices for doing so in units of 2 years; in such cases (which includes Nominet, for .uk domains) you must pay for 2 years even if you decide to cancel the rest of your package after only 1 (if you transfer your domain elsewhere, you will still be getting the full benefit for the extra year; these are not lost upon transfer)
  4. If we are threatened with any kind of legal action in connection with activity on your account, we reserve the right to terminate services with a full refund to you of any full remaining months.
  5. You agree to indemnify Simba Hosting against any costs that we are ordered to pay by a court or other legal authority due to activity on your account.
  6. Your invoices must be settled promptly. If your invoice is overdue, you are requested to add a 2% late charge. We have the right to withhold any/all services if you have overdue invoices.
  7. Where a customer operates multiple accounts, and where it is necessary for us to take action on an account (e.g. for unpaid invoices, or abusive behaviour), we may treat the accounts as if a single account.
  8. We reserve the right to immediately terminate services for clients who are repeatedly abusive of our staff or facilities, after a warning has been given (or without warning depending on the level of abuse).
  9. When running a WordPress website on shared hosting, there will be server-wide controls applied to protect all users. This focuses upon blocking malicious “bot” logins, but also includes some automatic suppression of what we consider to be obnoxious advertising by WordPress plugin suppliers within WordPress dashboards. This suppression is only a default, not an absolute requirement, and will be turned off on your site upon request.
  10. Simba Hosting is a business run on Christian principles and this being so, personal support is not staffed on Sundays. You are able to file support requests; they will not be seen by a human being until Monday morning, when they will get the promptest possible attention.
  11. This policy is not intended to be comprehensive, as we cannot foresee every possible circumstance. Whilst we fully intend to provide you with continuous hassle-free service, we must reserve the right to take whatever action is necessary to protect our facilities and ability to do business both in the present and in the future. We will act in accordance with the spirit of the above terms as much as possible.