Designing new websites

Need a website? Need to revamp your old one new website? All your competitors are on the Internet, and the Internet is crowded. Websites designed 5 years ago stand out and say “we’re behind the times”.

Simba Hosting have been building websites since we began in 2007, and our founder built his first webpage back somewhere around 1995. We’re on top of modern technologies and build issues, and can produce all kinds of sites. Just get in touch for a chat.

Website building

  • Experts in the world’s-most-popular CMS, WordPress (and others)
  • Can build bespoke sites
  • E-commerce experts
  • 17 years of experience; familiar with a vast range of technologies
  • Large projects and small
  • Modern styling and high-quality graphcis
  • Sub-contract to us for your clients
  • We built the website you’re visiting now, every page
  • Testimonies from satisfied customers available

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