Remote login via AMMYY Admin

This page is for clients for whom we’ve arranged with you to log in to your Windows computer, via AMMYY Admin. Otherwise, there is nothing useful for you here.

The following are your instructions to help us log in to your computer.

1. Download and run this program, AMMYY Admin (click the link to go through to the download page): AMMYY Admin v3 download page

Simba Hosting have a fully paid licence to connect to any customers who download AMMYY Admin. You do not require to make any payment, and can accept the AMMYY licence.

2. When you run the program, click on ‘Client’ and then on ‘Start’

Did you click on “Start”? Lots of people forget!

3. Email us, telling us your ID (in the above screenshot, it is 15 661 078 – but you will have something different).

That’s it! Then you just need to wait for us to try to log in – a window will pop up on your machine asking you to confirm that you want to let us in.