Website security maintenance

Most people today know that their computers are under attack. You need anti-virus software to stop the bad guys taking over your machine and using it as they please. You need to keep the installed software on your computer up to date, otherwise the hackers will take advantage of subtle bugs in there to gain access that they are not meant to have.

Security news of mass website attacksUnfortunately many people still are not wise to website security. But ultimately, what is a website? It is a complex computer program, running on a computer that is much like the one on your desk. All complex computer programs have bugs in them, and the bad guys are attacking websites just as much as they are attacking PCs. If they gain access to your website, then the can deface it or more likely secretly use it to serve up viruses and other nasties to unsuspecting visitors, or to send out lots of untraceable spam to the world. The result is that your visitors are unhappy, your website slows down, and legitimate email gets blocked because the world thinks that your website is a spam factory. And you have to pay someone a higher price to clean it up.

Simba Hosting provide subscriptions to manage the security of your website for you. The nature and pricing of this service depends on exactly how your website is built. Just drop us a line to talk about it. If your website is built using WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system, then you can go here for more information on our offering right now.