Privacy policy

Below is our general privacy policy. You may also want to consult our data processing policy, including mention of issues relevant to the General Data Processing Regulation (GDPR) law.

We are committed to the privacy of our clients. We do not perform operations upon customers’ data (whether websites, email or other) except in response to and in accordance with their instructions to do so, or to maintain the security or stability of our services.

Our webservers are configured so that no user can access another user’s data unless the user grants specific permission for it.

You may at any time request for us to delete your account and (for hosting customers) all your website/e-mail/database data. Use the contact form linked from the menu bar of the website.

In order to maintain the services we offer, we make regular backups of all data stored on our servers. All of these backups are encrypted, so that the loss or theft of the media on which they are stored would not be expected to result in any privacy breaches. We do not keep copies of clients’ data beyond these backups.

Please contact our support desk for any more information on any aspect.

When you visit this website, one or more cookies are placed on your computer to track whether you are logged in or not, and to maintain your login and shopping cart session. This is essential to the website’s function. They are not used for any other purposes.

Third party agreements and policies

Like most hosting companies, we rent data centre hardware capacity and other relevant facilities. Below are policies and agreements with relevant third parties.

  • Digital Ocean: Data processing agreement
  • Linode: Data processing agreement
  • Amazon AWS: We use Amazon’s “S3” product for storage of some of our backups. All of these backups are encrypted, and the encryption keys are not available to Amazon. As such, Amazon have no technical possibility of seeing any of our customer data, and are not counted as processors of such data (and thus no formal agreement is needed).
  • Stripe (our payment processor for card payments) – general policy on data transfers, and privacy shield policy.