Mailing Lists

At Simba Hosting we have two main mailing list offerings to complement our other e-mail offerings:

1. Mailman

Mailing listsWe can provide mailing lists to use with any e-mail address you own, using the very popular “Mailman” software ( Mailman is managed through a web interface, and is very flexible. You can set up a one-way announcements list, or a moderated members-only discussion list, or a public free-for-all, as you please. It is very well-known and fully documented with a large community of users world-wide for well over a decade.

2. Bespoke

Do you wish to send out marketing emails? We have provided a variety of tailor-made services to customers, so just get in touch and we can talk.

Please note that Simba Hosting does not allow unsolicited commercial emailing, a.k.a. spam, to pass through its systems. This service is for legitimate usages only.