Miscellaneous Services

Simba the LionWe have wide-ranging experience in a number of technologies. Below are a few examples. Click on a heading to show more information. Then get in touch!


Lots of people are out-sourcing these days, to countries where there is expertise but lower costs. One problem this brings is that when your employees do your work, logging in to accounts for you (banks, PayPal, social networking), the websites they are visiting notice that they are in the “wrong” country for you. They then block the access.

The solution is to use a virtual private network (VPN), so that your employee can visit such websites whilst coming from a UK or US network (IP) address. You don’t want to buy a mass-market product for this, as you’ll then share an address with scores of (often dubious) people and get blocked again very quickly. We can set you up with your own unique address. Get in touch.


MySQL is the database used by the vast majority of websites today. We’ve been working with it since we began, and our founder began using it in the 1990s. Got a need? Get in touch.


Commerce has gone onto the Internet. From a simple “buy this” button with online payment to fully-fledged shops with stock management, invoicing etc. – if you need a solution, then talk to us.


IP (Internet Protocol) is the technology that makes the Internet work. The old version (v4) does not meet current needs for billions of users all online at once. Everybody is upgrading to IPv6. This affects all levels of the Internet – from the lowest-level boxes that shift traffic around, right up to websites that monitor who is visiting and what they are doing. Simba Hosting’s services are IPv6-ready, but perhaps your website is not or you need some consultancy. Just get in touch.


jQuery is used on around 80% of the world’s websites today. It is a JavaScript programming language to help you get more work done, faster. We use it ourselves on this website for various special effects. Need to find a jQuery expert? We’re right here.

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We can do a lot of things – but the number of technologies out there today is more than exists in any one place. Happily, we’ve got lots of trusted people we’ve worked with in the past and we know where to go when you need some particular wizardry that we can’t supply in house. Just ask, and we’ll see who we know.

And many more…

That’s just a selection. Whatever your need, you can ask us and we can see what we can do.