New WordPress / WooCommerce plugin

Following the great success of our WordPress backup/restore/clone plugin, UpdraftPlus, we’ve begun to look at developing and selling more WordPress plugins. Our first is now ready (and in use at a couple of restaurants on the web already). It’s an… READ MORE

WordPress backup

Are you looking for a WordPress backup solution? Then try out UpdraftPlus, our own solution – now with 80,000 downloads! The basic backup engine is free, and can backup up to Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP and WebDAV…. READ MORE

UpdraftPlus – number one

Vladimir Prelovac, who’s a “big cheese” in the world of WordPress, maintains a weekly chart of the best new upcoming plugins… … and this week our very own “UpdraftPlus Backup” backup plugin is number one: Do you need any kind… READ MORE

Some favourite WordPress plugins

There are many great WordPress plugins out there. What’s a good one depends on what you’re looking for.  But here are some that we really appreciate. Perhaps you will too, if you have a need in the same area. (By… READ MORE

New WordPress plugin for better site security

We’ve just had a new plugin received by the WordPress plugins directory – “No Weak Passwords”. This plugin does one thing, and does it well – it forbids all of the 3546 passwords from OpenWall’s “common passwords” list. That list… READ MORE