New versions of all WordPress/WooCommerce plugins released

New versions of all our WordPress and WooCommerce plugins have been released. This was to fix a bug found in the updater (the code which integrates with WordPress’s “Updates” page) which could sometimes stop updates checks from going ahead. As a result, available updates were not always visible in your WordPress dashboard.

In the nature of the case, this means that you may not be seeing the update in your WordPress dashboard. In this case, assuming that you are a current customer, you should download the new version from your account page directly, and then de-activate and de-install the plugin, and upload the new version, and then activate it. De-activating and de-installing will not remove any data from your site.

Non-current customers (i.e. customers who purchased more than 12 months ago) will need to make a fresh purchase in order to update to latest versions. (This is a general policy – the same as is standard in the WordPress plugins marketplace; not something related to this particular issue).