Subscription purchases now available for plugins

Good news for users of our various popular WordPress plugins – you can now purchase them on an automated subscription. i.e. Rather than coming back each year to manually purchase another 12 months of access to personal support and updates, you can have that done automatically for you. There is no change to the fact that it is not (and never has been) compulsory to renew (your plugin will carry on working if you don’t – you just won’t have access to personal support or updated versions). More information is available here. Nobody will be automatically moved onto a subscription; they will only be created for customers who select them on their next purchase.

Automatic payments are active for card payments (via Stripe) and PayPal (i.e. both our accepted payment methods).

Also – WooCommerce 4.1 is out. All existing versions of all plugins that interact with WooCommerce are believed to be compatible. Just make sure you have updated to the current release.