Webmail upgraded to Roundcube 1.3

Roundcube webmail has been upgraded from the 1.2 series to the latest 1.3 series. Amongst other under-the-hood improvements, the listed improvements for the 1.3 series are:

  • Widescreen layout aka Three Column View
  • Possibility to display QR code for contacts data
  • New identicon plugin
  • Attach contact vCards to composed message
  • Support WEBP images and MathML preview
  • Preview, download and rename attachments when composing a message
  • Message/rfc822 attachment preview
  • Various Enigma (PGP) and Managesieve plugin improvements
  • “Flattened” the Larry theme giving it a fresher look

As part of this upgrade the Roundcube plugin which invited you to add a new recipient’s address to your address book after you sent a message to them has been de-activated, as it is no longer maintained, and no longer worked. There are no other known issues (we are monitoring the logs, and will fix any that arise).